Hi guys,

I'm trying to install spamassassin on our server (mac os x server
10.3). I have it installed actually but now I need to get it to work. I
was just simply following the instructions put out by apple at
http://developer.apple.com/server/fighting_spam.html . I went as far as
when he says "..I now have a database of words for the statistical
filter to use. If I choose the quick-and-dirty approach, I can simply
copy the ~/.spamassassin/bayes* files just created to each user's
..spamassassin directory as a starting point, and let the auto-learn
feature take over from here.", right after feeding spamassassin the
spam and ham stuff. What user folders? And I don't seem to have any
..spamassassin folders for any user folders? Am I misunderstanding
something here? Do I need to create these .spamassassin folders for
users, and if so which users folders? Sorry for the beginner questions.
I appreciate your help.

Thanks guys,

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