I've recently been playing with TXT records (for SPF) on my BIND
servers, and I have managed to reach the line-length limitation. The
limit is 256 (or 255, depending on where you look) characters per line,
and my TXT record is ~400 characters. While I'm already investigating
a way to shorten the record, I've heard that you can split DNS records
across multiple lines (like SOA records are typically done), however,
I've never been able to find an example of a non-SOA record being split
since it's rare to have them be long enough to require it.

If anyone has done this, specifically with TXT records, I'd love to see
how it's done. I can't find any reference to it in any of the BIND
references that I've searched (O'Reilly,,, so a
helping hand would be appreciated.