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> So here's the deal. I have an HP 1700CP inkjet printer at my facility.
> Unfortunately, this is NOT a Postscript printer. However, it replaced
> a printer that WAS Postscript, so as you can imagine, all Solaris
> machines try to send PS documents to it, and the printer flips out.


Back in 1997, when the hot issue was whether Timothy McVeigh should
die for bombing the Oklahoma City Federal Building, instead of whether
Terri Schiavo should die for being inconvenient, I had succeeded in
getting several non-Postscript printers to work OK with Solaris 2.5.1.
I used Patrick Powell's "LPRng" package and filters...

...because the printing facility provided in Solaris 2.5.1 (a facility
inherited from Unix System V R4) did not contain some features that
were required in the application.

Later, Sun made significant changes in the print subsystem included
with Solaris 2.6, as explained here...

...but if you are still on 2.5.1, you must make do, or add some
other software, such as LPRng, or perhaps some commercial package
like Vividata's PostShop (I don't know if it still supports 2.5.1).

Many Unix printing resources are listed by Celeste Stokely:

and the following document might be of some help...

"How to Configure a Printer Supported by Ghostscript as a
Postscript Printer Under Solaris"

...although it is written assuming Solaris 2.6.