Dear coleagues in work :-)
I have a following problem not able to solve.
I administer the network which is secured by Sunscreen firewall on
Solaris9 machine with two NICs. The inner net is
172.16.x.x/ .
Within this inner corporate network I have to make small net
192.168.0.x/ behind a small :-) router.
The question is how to enable it in Sunscreen which has to know where
to shift the packets from the 192.168 net?
It is easy to do some "route add" on Sunscreen machine but it has no
effect whatsover to how Sunscreen manage the packets. It has to be
somehow enabled in Sunscreen, but I did not find any info in the
Internet so far (except my own unresolved questions on various
So PLEASE would you help me?
Thanks in advance