I have an old SCO UNIX 5.0.6 system which has blown the motherboard. The hard drive and Adaptec SCSI controller are fine and I an trying to convert get it to virtualize under MS Virtual Server 2005 R2.

I set up the hard drive and the controller in the machine and defined it as a Linked Drive. Using Inspect -> Convert, I then converted it to a fixed size Virtual drive (effectively copying an image as to a vhd file).

I then connected the vhd file as a SCSI drive to a new virtual machine with 256MB RAM and a virtual network adapter.

When I boot the vm I get the boot: prompt and press enter. It goes through the hardware list and stops at G hd_config. It shows an %adapter type=alad ha=0 bus=0 id=7 in the list.

Any suggestions? If I boot the drive in the same machine (has its hard disk) it will boot up successfully.