Our server is running Solaris 8 and Vertias Foundation Suite 3.5 with
VxVM and VxFS.
A problem is happening when no user can get the shell prompt. Either
as the user from SSH
or as root from the Cyclade. We've waited for hours but the shell
prompt never appears.

The strange thing is that the database and applications seem to be
running OK at this server but we just can't get the shell prompt after
logging in to the server.

Would anyone be able to help me resolving this issue ? I can't reboot
the server now since
it's in production mode. At least, I need to find way to get to
root's shell via cyclade.

What option do I have ?

Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks, Bill

< Via SSH >

login: alex
alex@atlantis's password: XXXXX
Last login: Sun Oct 19 2008 12:31:13 -0500 from uranus
Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.8

!!! no shell prompt !!!

< Via cyclade >

login: root
password: XXXXXXX
Last login: Sun Oct 16 2008 10:31:13 -0500
Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.8

!!! no shell prompt !!!


Console escape. Commands are:

l go to line mode
c go to character mode
z suspend telnet
b send break
t toggle binary
e exit telnet