Hi All ,

I am working under solaris and facing some problem.

a new user : bscsftp
group : nogroup
home : /var/spool/bscsftp/

Now i donot understand this as mentioned in a change :

Using autofs to mount in home of the user 1) /var/spool/
from 2) /mic/var/share/AFTR/../...

My questions are :
a) what is autofs do ?
b) how to perform it above case.

Can some educate me on this .

I have somthing to add , Please correct if my understanding is not
autofs is used for automatic mounting . So the system does it for
ourself , no manual effort.
I guess in my above problem .

i need to mount at home of user ie /var/spool/bscsftp/
the directories from /mic/var/share/AFTR/....

So that in run time what ever files or dircetories come in existence
iwithin /mic/var/share/AFTR/ are automatically mount to home of user.

Please share your understanding.

Thanks and Regards