We are looking for system administrators, hardware engineers, and IT
staff/management who are responsible for researching and recommending
servers or storage systems - from any vendor - for a Sun research
study next week. Please feel free to forward this message to others
who might be interested. You must be in the US or Canada to
participate. Sun employees and contractors are not eligible.

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 6 & 7:
These sessions will last 1 hour and participants will receive $75 for
their feedback. The study will be conducted remotely via web-meeting.

If you are interested, please reply and let me know:

1. Your current job/role: tell us a bit about what you do and where
you work. We are particularly interested in the size of the
organization (if consulting, please tell us the size of your client
organization as well).

2. Your experience with Sun products (we would like about 1/2 the
participants to be unfamiliar with Sun products). Please pick one of
the following:

A Knowledgeable about Sun products; have helped to spec and
purchase Sun products; very familiar with Sun technology

B Somewhat knowledgeable about Sun products; have researched Sun
products and have a fairly good understanding of Sun technology; may
have helped spec and purchase a Sun product

C Just getting started with Sun and its products; have started
some research and would like to learn more.

D Not at all familiar with Sun products or technology.

3. Whether you work primarily with servers or storage systems.

4. Your time zone and the operating system you will use during the

5. A phone number where you can be reached for scheduling.

Please provide the information requested above rather than attaching
your resume.

Thank you,
Lyn Bain