After going thru other messages in this group and the book creating
worldwide software for this topic, i request all gurus to correct me
if am wrong. Also, it would be great if more inputs are provided.

1)For internationalization, both char and wchar are required.
2)To read input, use wchar. To store the input, use functions like
wcstombs and store it as
3)wcstombs converts wide char string to multi byte string based on the
locale set.
4)If i set my locale to UTF-8, the output of wcstombs is utf-8 encoded
char string.
5)For comparisons, wchar should be used and its corresponding
functions from wchar.h(strcoll).
6)Even to write to a socket, i need to send a multibyte string.
7)For i18n/l10n apps, gettext/catgets needs to be used for correct