Hi Ben,

> This question would have been better in comp.unix.programmer. You'd
> hit a wider pool of people who know getopt_long -- it is not standard
> C.

Ach! :-|... Sorry for the mistake...

> I've set followup-to that group.

Thanks a lot :-)

> has_arg affects only the long version permitting '--crates' and
> '--crates=value'. As a GNU extension you can use double :: to extend
> the optional nature of an argument to the single-letter form,

Nooo... I miss a ':' :-/... I put myself at the stake!

> but
> optional arguments never just *follow* a single letter flag, they come
> from the rest of the argument. So using:
> c = getopt_long (argc, argv, "abc:d:f:C::", ...)
> the user can write both '-C' and '-Cvalue', but '-Ca' will be taken as
> --crates=a and not as -C -a.

Now i undestand... Thank you very much.