Hi guys,

Need some expert advise here. I've the following lines in the

export SCRIPT_HOME=/home/testuser/scripts

45 05 * * * sh ${SCRIPT_HOME}/batch/scripts/RunSweeper.sh > $
{SCRIPT_HOME}/batch/data/extract/log/cronSweeper.log 2>&1

This script is supposed to be executed at 5.45am daily and it seems
that this is indeed the case. The reason being that the
cronSweeper.log timestamp shows that its been updated daily.

The strange thing is that the script hasn't been executed at all.
This is because the RunSweeper.sh script itself logs to a separate
file and that file isn't generated. Also, cronSweeper.log is zero
byte in size.

This has led me to break the above cron entry into distinct portions:

1) sh ${SCRIPT_HOME}/batch/scripts/RunSweeper.sh
2) > ${SCRIPT_HOME}/batch/data/extract/log/cronSweeper.log 2>&1

when broken down this way, it seems that point (2) has been executed
successfully (i.e. the output from the shell spawned by the cron in
point (1) has been redirected to the cronSweeper.log) since the file
was created. My suspicion hence is that cron has some trouble
spawning the shell to execute the script in point (1).

Can anyone tell me how to check if the shell has indeed been spawned
cleanly by the cron? Alternatively, please point me in the correct
direction if my analysis is incorrect.

Thanks so much guys!

Warmest regards,