Dear Sir/Madam,

Is there any difference in terms of performance/stability (if any) for
Veritas volumes between disk group 90 vs. version 120 ?

Our Solaris 8 server is running Veritas Foundation Suite for Oracle
3.5-mp3. All volumes/disk groups are created under version 90. The
server will be migrated to Solaris 10 with Veritas Storage Foundation
for Oracle 5.0-mp1. What command(s) does one use to modify the file
version on all existing volumes/disk groups from 90 to 120 after the
Veritas/OS upgrade ? Is the command safe and does it allow fall-back
from 120 to 90 if we run into any issue ?

Unfortunately, we don't have any backup of these volumes for this
upgrade. Either we have to up the version to 120 or keep the version
at 90 with the latest Veritas and OS.

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,