Our servers run Solaris 10 with Symantec/Veritas Storage Foundation
for Oracle (version 3.5 to 5.0). We are requesting 600Gb luns, i.e.,
4 x 125Gb luns at the new Hitachi's USP-V storage array. We plan to
create 4 Veritas file systems, each with an associated volume and luns
of size 125Gb.

Our storage team is using "dynamic/thin provisioning" to allocate the
luns for us. What is "dynamic/think provisioning" ? Any pros and
cons with "dynamic provisioning" ? Will our server see the four
125Gb luns as usual in "format" ? Is there any housekeeping or on-
going admins commands to issue if we need to expand the file system's
size down the road or to do any maintainence work ? Can we still
create new Veritas diskgroups, disks, volumes and file systems as
usual under "dynamic provisioning" ?

Please let me know if you have any further information regarding this