hi all,

I need a library or framework to manage my network send/receive tasks
in C. The underlying protocol is TCP/IP. What i need is another
library on top of TCP/IP.A messaging library i mean.At first i decided
to use Publish/Subscribe paradigm's
implementations like JMS or DDS but i think they don't fit into my
needs.JMs is for enterprise applications not an embedded, as in my
case( i am developing for an embedded device( OS:mclinux ;
CPU:ARM9(500Mhz) ; RAM:128 MB; ) and DDS implementations all cost a
fee which is not applicable for me.Thats why i switched to another
solution, i.e. a light-weighted library that can do the job and free
me of socket programming / buffer management / senders and receivers
tracking etc.

Please tell me if anyone knows such a library or framework.

Thanks in advance,