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  1. Solaris unix

    Is anyone running solaris on a PC?

  2. Re: Solaris unix

    "" writes:

    >Is anyone running solaris on a PC?

    Lots; try comp.unix.solaris or see

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    "" wrote:
    > Is anyone running solaris on a PC?

    One of my clients added a production host and it was
    weeks before I noticed the lines in "prtdiag" output that
    said it's CPU type was AMD. For nearly all purposes
    it's just another Solaris host even for routine sysadmin
    stuff post-install.

  4. Re: Solaris unix

    On Sun, 2 Mar 2008 06:34:24 -0800 (PST), wrote:
    >Is anyone running solaris on a PC?

    No it's amazing. Solaris has been available free for personal use for the
    X86 for about ten years, is now open-source similar to fedora core vs. redhat
    linux, and not one person has tried it. There's several newsgroups including
    one cleverly called alt.solaris.x86 and it's strange how much traffic
    it gets considering nobody is running solaris on a PC.

    Go to google, enter a clever search string like "solaris on a PC" and you
    won't see a single hit.

  5. Re: Solaris unix

    On 2008-03-02, wrote:
    > Is anyone running solaris on a PC?

    It seems very likely to me that someone is, yes.

    Christopher Mattern

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