I am posting this message to this group as I was not sure about which
group to post it to. In case, there is a better group for this please
help with the name.

1) There are multiple machines in a setup(A, B, C...).
2) When a huge undividable task comes up (for example, linking) in a
machine (say, A), then the load of all the machines in the setup is
checked and the machine with the lowest load (say, B) is chosen.
3) An ssh is done to that machine and the task is completed.

My questions are follows:
1) My understanding is that when the output (to terminal) is coming
from B, then the load in A will affect it. Is this true?
2) If that is true, then is there some other way to ensure that this
can be done?

Thanks and regards,
Karthick S.