BVCM> I didn't attack you.
BVCM> I have accepted at face value your claim that
BVCM> you've been working in this field longer than I've
BVCM> been alive. I've assumed that you have a lot of
BVCM> wisdom to share with the group. But so far your
BVCM> sharing has started a lot of arguing and overall
BVCM> provided very little value to the question originally
BVCM> asked. I'm trying to help, just as others have
BVCM> helped me when my postings left (considerable)
BVCM> room for improvement.

HS> This is attacking.

False. M. Voigt has not attacked you, here or elsewhere.

HS> Who the hell do you think you are? [...]
HS> You just want to attack me [...]
HS> Who attacked who first? You. [...]
HS> [...] you are ignorant [...]
HS> Ben, your inexperience is showing [...]
HS> [...] your vain attempt to [...]
HS> Stop attacking me.

Unmistakable Marks #2 and #5 are very much in evidence.

BVCM> You didn't state that "Cooked" or "Raw" were
BVCM> standard, others did. You challenged them to
BVCM> point to the standards, they pointed you to the
BVCM> Single Unix Specification.
BVCM> You are using the terms in non-standard ways
BVCM> and refuse to acknowledge the existence of a
BVCM> standard.

HS> There is NO COOKED vs RAW standard. [...]

Once again: Read the Interface Overview of XCURSES section of the
Single Unix Specification version 2.

HS> But where is the IETF standard for COOKED? Where is
HS> the ANSI standard? What are the specifications?

Once again: Read about canonical and non-canonical input modes in the
General Terminal Interface chapter of the XBD section of the Single
Unix Specifictation versoin 3, which is ISO/IEC 9945:2002.