I have released a new version of Seed7: seed7_05_20071125.tgz

In the Seed7 programming language new statements and operators
can be declared easily. Types are first class objects and therefore
templates/generics need no special syntax. Object orientation is
used when it brings advantages and not in places when other
solutions are more obvious.

Seed7 is covered by the GPL (and LGPL for the Seed7 runtime library).

- The interpreter was improved to store the filename and the line
of the definition of an object.
- The line stored for an expression was improved to be identical
with the line of the operator symbol or function name.
- The stritext.s7i include file, which supports string array based
text files, was added.
- The mahjong.sd7 example program was improved to draw darker
vertical surfaces.
- The mahjong tiles of the mahjng32.s7i include file were improved
to contain bigger digits.
- Several new functions like getHtmlSymbolOrComment, gray, file and
line were added.
- The compiler was improved to support functions with 'in var'
parameter called by DYNAMIC dispatch functions with a
corresponding 'val' parameter.
- The compiler was improved to support the ref_line and ref_file
- An error was fixed in the strIpos function and test cases were
added to the chkstr.sd7 program.

Greetings Thomas Mertes

Seed7 Homepage: http://seed7.sourceforge.net
Seed7 - The extensible programming language: User defined statements
and operators, abstract data types, templates without special
syntax, OO with interfaces and multiple dispatch.