Hi There,

Apologies if i'm not posting in the correct group but i couldn't find
a more specific one.

I'm interested in the following situation.

Suppose i have a machine (host A) with 2 network adapters onto 2
different networks.

Then i create a socket bound to IPADDR_ANY and i then join this socket
to a multicast group. Now, i will receive packets sent to the
multicast group from either network.

Suppose another host (host B) joins the same multicast group on one
network, and another host (host C) joins the multicast group on the
second network.

What happens when i send data on host A to the multicast group through
the socket? Do both host B and host C receive the multicast packet? Or
does the packet only get sent on one of the two adapters (default
adapter?) and hence only received by either host B or host C?

If only one host will receive the packet over one network, do i
therefore need to bind 2 multicast sockets separately to each local
endpoint in order to send to both the other hosts?