Many of us Unix administrators have had extensive experience with Sun Solaris. I constantly get this question as to what is the best book to learn AIX if I am already a solaris administrator. I myself tried to learn from IBM red books and could not get anywhere when I got started. This is a short summary of the best aix book for beginner
First for a solaris administrator, the best one I found is an IBM Red Book named <a href="">Sun Solaris to IBM AIX 5L Migration: A Guide for System Administrators</a>.

This IBM Redbook provides a technical reference for IT system administrators that are considering a migration from Sun Solaris to IBM AIX 5L-based systems.

If you are newbie to Unix then its best to buy a book about Unix first and then learn about AIX in particular. I found that IBM eServer Certification Study Guide pSeries AIX System Administration is a great reference that can provide a comprehensive and task-oriented guide for learning the skills required to be an AIX system administrator.

These are my favourites when it comes to best aix book for beginners. Please comment below and let me know if you have other books in mind.