Neither the screen saver (OK, it doesn't save screens but it's pretty
and I like it) nor DPMS will start on my Ubuntu 8.04 system on which I
run xfce. Under Xfce Menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager, Screen
Saver, "Antinspect" is selected (and it displays just fine in the sample
window and in Preview, albeit on one monitor only [I have two]), and the
slider is set to "10 minutes".

Under "Power Management", "On AC Power", the settings are "Put computer to
sleep when inactive for " and "Put display to sleep when inactive
for <40 minutes>". In the "General" tab, the settings are "When the
power button is pressed ", "When the suspend button is pressed
". Under "Notification area", neither "never display an icon"
nor "always display an icon" is selected", and [X] "use sound to notify
in event of an error" is checked.

"xset q" returns, among other things:

Screen Saver:
prefer blanking: yes allow exposures: yes
timeout: 0 cycle: 600
DPMS (Energy Star):
Standby: 0 Suspend: 0 Off: 0
DPMS is Enabled
Monitor is On

I could swear I set the DPMS timeouts to nonzero values yesterday.

In xorg.conf, for the left monitor I have

Section "Monitor"
Option "DPMS"
Option "blank time" "30"
Option "standby time" "60"
Option "suspend time" "120"
Option "off time" "360"

and a matching entry in the right monitor's "Monitor" section. Hmm,
it's in the L section twice...

Anyhow, is this just me, or is it a known problem with Ubuntu 8.04?

-eben QebWenE01R@vTerYizUonI.nOetP
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