I am running Xubuntu. I have set up Fuse according to the howto here:


It works fine without any error messages when I mount using FuseSmbTool. I
can also browse the remote shares (located on Windows machines) with other
samba browsers like TkSmb and from Windows itself of course. However, when
using Fuse in Thunar I am not able to see the remote files. I see the
worksgroups and the shared folders, but when I click on a shared folder
nothing happens for a while and I get an error message saying "Failed to
open directory "Public"". I've also tried to access the shares using MC,
but I get a similar error message. I know samba is set up correctly since
I can access and work on the remote files using other samba browsers. But
I would really like to have it work in Thunar which I use all the time on
my Xubuntu machines.

Help greatly appreciated