I posted this in alt.linux.misc, then realized this was a more
appropriate forum.
Not knowing enough to do a real multi-boot box, I thought I'd be
cute and just have two different hard drives: each with it's own

300-gig IDE with Windows Media Center on it.

500-gig SATA with MythBuntu on it.

The Windows drive was built first, then I got my bright idea and
built Myth on the SATA drive.

Myth was running a-ok until I tried disconnecting the power to
SATA and powering up the IDE.

Window runs fine, but when I go back to the Linux system,
MythBuntu gets partway through it's startup and seems to die -
leaving the box under control of something-or-other that accepts
keystrokes on a black screen.

Here are a couple of screen shots:
Myth's last gasp: http://tinyurl.com/6abtg5
The black screen: http://tinyurl.com/5cnmmp

Any chance this is not coincidence and the drive swap somehow
messed up my Linux install? I did fool around with the BIOS's
"first drive to boot from" a few times....

I never unplugged the ribbon cable from the IDE or the SATA cable
from the SATA drive - just the respective power connectors.

After the problem appeared, I unplugged the IDE connector too -
but to no avail.

Time for a rebuild?

Cautions for the future?