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> got 'unable to verify certificate...'

Same for me, with SuSE 10.0 and Firefox 2.blah.blah. Wottabuncha MAROONS.

Now, it gets worse. I actually have ATT landline service, and use the ATT
online account manager (bills, service, etc.) with Firefox, no problem.

So, I think, it should be easy to ask about it, with Firefox, right?

Well, actually, it turned into a RPITA.

Their general contact page offers an email option, but the forms tree was
hardwired with preselected ATT subjects. It's awash in ATT *sales* topics
(like U-Verse or whatever TV), but oblivious to *service* concerns.

I wasted 20 minutes or so with that nonsense.

I finally ended up filling out a service request form about a nonexistent
phoneline problem. I was given a hundred or so characters just to say the
hell with the phones, I want Firefox (etc.) instead of M$IE.

FWIW this is largely why we have a financial crisis in the US now. In Big
Bidness USA, the (tax)paying customer is at best an afterthought.

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