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>> Try a fresh install of XP or Vista then go for a cup of coffee after you
>> get it on the 'net. The network that did this may have had a more direct
>> connection than Comcast, so you can try to say that the network test was
>> meaningless if you want, but it did happen.
>> Bye.
>> Bill Baka

> Vista will probably be fine.
> XP will be like any other seven year old OS, full of holes.
> Why didn't you suggest XPsp3, not holy enough for you?

I'm not pushing windows, just mentioning that the television test crew
found a lot of holes, and that was only a few months back so I am
thinking it was Vista that is Swiss Cheese to hackers/crackers. On the
windows front I have XP and it stopped updating about 3 months ago,
never saw SP3, never/ever gonna see Vista.
Bill Baka