I am working on a critical LaTeX document these days that takes a lot of
work and I would prefer not to lose any (or at least much) work at any

However, thanks to a bug in the atheros wireless driver of my network card,
my system undergoes intermittent, unpredictable freezes. This is a
confirmed bug. Solution unknown. Nothing I can do about it.

To work around this, I want to set up a cron job that rsync's all my
documents to a remote server every 15 minutes. I do not mind having to type
in the password. Passwordless RSA key logins are impossible as the remote
filesystem is on AFS and I cannot access my remote ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub before
I get tokens and mount the home directory. Running an openafs client is
also not advisable as this accursed bug seems to get triggered more
frequently if I have greater network activity and the openafs client (which
would be a perfect solution otherwise) does generate that.

Anyhow, is there a way for me to force all open documents to be saved ?
Regardless of whether it is an open, unsaved session in emacs or kile or
even Microsoft Word running on Crossover Linux.

Yes, I will look into any autosave feature that my editors might have, but
if I could find a way to trigger a system wide save of all open documents
owned by a certain user (namely, myself), it would be so cool.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.