charles cashion wrote:
> I have been chasing crash for a number of days.
> I have decided to fdisk the hard drive and start all over.
> (perhaps I have a virus) When I opened a terminal in using
> the ubuntu live CD, 'ls /dev/sd*' said there was nothing
> to open. then I found my hard drive under /media/disk.

An easy way to find out what the name of that disk is:
df /media/disk
The device name would be in the first column (example):
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda3 9843308 4921340 4421948 53% /media/disk

You can see *all* partitions which the system has *detected*:
cat /proc/partitions
or just
which will show you all *mounted* partitions, e.g. it will show you
temporary filesystems.

> fdisk /media/disk said that had mode 40755 and could not
> write to partition table.

> Then I tried to
> rm -r /media/disk but it kept saying "permission denied"

That would erase all files on the mounted partition. Maybe you want to
umount /media/disk
which does require root privileges.

> I would like to try that as root.
> What is the root password?

As others have written: there is none on the live CD.
Once you have installed Ubuntu, there won't be a root password, either,
but you can become root by typing
sudo -i
On an installed system, your own password (if "you" are the first
account created) will be the one you need.

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