On Mon, 21 Jul 2008 23:37:46 +0200, Hadron wrote:

> Here's a great little spat going on. It seems the debian developers
> decided to screw up peoples machines in an attempt to stop them using
> NVidias installer. I had the problem (I was called a liar in COLA of
> course).
> ,----
>| From: Dave Uhring
>| Subject: Re: XEN in non-XEN Lenny 686 kernel
>| Newsgroups: alt.os.linux.debian
>| Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 15:15:57 -0500
>| User-Agent: Pan/0.14.2 (This is not a psychotic episode. It's a cleansing moment of clarity.)
>| On Mon, 21 Jul 2008 20:52:40 +0200, Martin Schnitkemper wrote:
>|> · Dave Uhring schrieb:
>|>> It appears that the Debian developers have deliberately
>|>> disabled use of the nVidia driver.
>|> How Debian developer see it:
>|> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=481485
>| Wankers, all of them.
>| There is no reason whatsoever for configuring XEN in the standard kernel
>| except to create a deliberate problem.
>|> |From: lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca (Lennart Sorensen)
>|> | If you use the nvidia installer you are on your own. You also cause
>|> | package files to be overwritten and will likely have breakage on
>|> | upgrades in the future. Have fun.
>| There is only *one* file which gets broken and I know from experience
>| which one it is.
>|> | If you use the debian packages then we can help. We already fixed the
>|> | xen problem in the debian packages by patching the driver build
>|> | system.
>|> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=481161
>| It's always someone else's fault. If I wanted a XEN kernel I would
>| install one.
>|> Seems that open-source-developers cant live in peace with
>|> closed-sources- programmers.
>| It reminds me of the dick contest between them and Jörg Schilling a few
>| years ago.
> `----


That's what happens when there is no accountability, no checks and balances
and too many Indians and not enough chiefs.

When you depend upon basement ware Linux, this is the kind of crap that you
are going to have to deal with.

All it takes is for one weirdo developer to go *skitzo* and the childish
pranks will begin.

Then there is Hans Reiser......
Well, he took it a wee bit too far.

Obsession with Linux will do that to you.

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