On Sun, 20 Jul 2008 00:21:07 +0100, Homer wrote:

> Verily I say unto thee, that Phil Da Lick! spake thusly:
>> Moshe Goldfarb. wrote:

>>> You Linux loons are the ones who think you are doing something that
>>> matters.
>>> LIEing for LIEnix it's called.

>> I'll take that as a "no" then. And yet here you still are. I wonder
>> why.

> At a wild guess I'd say it's because he's paid by Microsoft to sabotage
> COLA, just as he has been for years, just as Microsoft paid Munchkins to
> sabotage OS/2 years ago.

Prove anyone is being paid by Microsoft to sabatoge COLA.
You make the claim all the time but run when you are asked to substantiate
your claims.

The only one being paid to post is Roy Schestowitz and you know it.

Moshe Goldfarb
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