On Sat, 19 Jul 2008 20:47:43 -0700, Tim Smith wrote:

> In article , Homer
> wrote:
>> Who could possibly benefit from paying you to post to COLA?
>> The Trolls have yet to find an answer to that one.

> I doubt he is specifically paid to post to COLA. But since he posts
> most of his things to several places, we get it in COLA as a side effect
> of his being paid (by his own admission) to post it elsewhere.

Roy Schestowitz is using automated scripts, probably Perl, to scour RSS
feeds, pull old stories from a database (ie:Related), format, add some
canned comments that are keyed on certain phrases into the post and then
spew it all over the Internet.

COLA is just another one of his dumping grounds.

Don't believe it?

No human could research, format and type the amount of verbiage he is
typing on a daily basis.
It's physically impossible.

And for those who claim others number of posts, mine for example, approach
Roy Schestowitz's on occasion, consider the amount of words in Roy's posts
vs mine.

Much of my posts are limited to a couple of lines.

Roy Schestowitz writes complete novels.

You can also observe the time stamps on the posts.

Digg posts are all a minute of two a apart and pretty much match up with
COLA and Propeller.

Digg posts also get shilled up rather quickly to a 2 or 3 digg count which
is highly suspicious as well.

There is yet another item that gives Roy Schestowitz away but I am not
going to mention it yet because he will surely change it.

I give him credit for one thing and that is if he did indeed write the
program, it is one hell of an experiment in AI.

He has suckered in quite a few people in his quest for self promotion.

I doubt he has the intelligence to do so, but I will give him the benefit
of my not knowing for sure if the script is indeed his work.

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