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> Verily I say unto thee, that none spake thusly:
>> Moshe Goldfarb. had de volgende lumineuze gedachte op 18-07-08 19:16:

> [nothing of value]
>> you, and some others, must be desperate by now not having anything
>> constructive or argumentative ad rem to say that you sink this low
>> .......

> Flatty's vacuous jibe speaks volumes about what he really thinks, which
> is that in the absence of any possible counterpoint, he feels compelled
> to belittle something significant that he knows is seriously lacking in
> Windows. In fact Windows doesn't only lack an efficient update mechanism
> that minimises network utilisation (that we all have to pay for), but it
> completely lacks anything that even comes /close/ to the power and
> simplicity of the one-step update process, for the OS and /all/ of the
> installed packages, that Linux has. It's likely, given the disparate
> nature of proprietary software, that Windows will /always/ lack this
> essential feature.

You mean like this:


"Red Hat's response to update bind through RHN, patching the DNS hole, made
a fatal error which will revert all name servers to caching only servers.
The fix is easy enough, but this is a schoolboy error which I am surprised
Red Hat made. Unfortunately we were hit and our servers went down overnight
while RHN dropped its bomb and I am frankly surprised there has not been
more of an uproar about this."

> Poor flatty.


Poor people who got their system hosed by a bunch of basement ware amateurs
at Redhat.

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