* charles cashion :
> I want to copy /home/ccashion to /media/usbdisk.
> My usb is 125MB, so I thought that would be adequate.

[ ... ]
> QUESTION 2: is there something wrong with this command?
> [ccashion@newdawg /]$ cp -r /home/ccashion /media/usbdisk

Nope. But "cp -a ..." may be desirable in case you wish to preserve
timestamps and permissions, though the latter depends on a compliant
target filesystem. If you're using FAT on the target filesystem and
wish to preserve ownership and permission information for your files,
using tar to create an archive would be more suitable.

$ cd /home && tar cvf /media/usbdisk/ccashion.tar ccashion

....or to create a bzip2 compressed archive:

$ cd /home && tar cjvf /media/usbdisk/ccashion.tar.bz2 ccashion

James Michael Fultz
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