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>> On Jul 15, 9:56 pm, Roy Schestowitz
>> Now, anyone want a guess as to how many weeks or months a Linux
>> desktop system will run before it's infected?

> I don't know... how long did it take them to infest all of the pages on Roy
> Schestowitz's website with malware and trojans? How long did it take them to
> get the Ubuntu servers to start attacking each other?
> (Roy Schestowitz wrote
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp....c2e3fb593a38eb
> Schestowitz.com gets hacked and 0wned. Becomes part of zombie bot-net to
> infect visitors and attack other sites.
> This was found last night. My very out-of-date installation of phpBB got
> exploited. I've cleaned most stuff up, but I'm styill working with the Web
> host to get rid of what's left. Script kiddies snuck in extra markup that
> points to some other domain (via iframe) -- whatever it actually does. This
> will be resolved by the weekend.

> http://groups.google.com/group/comp....83a6898c?hl=en
> Ubuntu servers hacked to attack others
> More than half of Ubuntu's production servers had to be pulled offline after
> a security breach caused those servers to actively attack other machines
> http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=453&tag=nl.e550

Schestowitz was warned, many times in fact and chose to ignore it.
Because Roy Schestowitz is a classic narcissit and can't conceive of anyone
being smarter than he is.

Boy, was he wrong...
His Linux based site got totally trashed....

The only sad part is all the innocent people who got infected because of
his stupidity.

As for Ubuntu, what can you expect?
They can't even seem to keep that thing running without freezing.

Basement ware at it's finest....

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