On 2008-07-11, 7 wrote:
> Very salivating story.


> Have you thought about
> 1. WINE 1.0 compliance. If you recompile with WINE 1.0 compliance,
> the windummy software should work fine
> with hardly any mods but run many times faster on Linux.
> 2. Gambas to put a GUI scripted stuff. (Just gets some repetitve
> things working at thrilling speeds with click of a button).
> 3. VirtualBox with dual or quad core processors and say 8Gb RAM.
> Running VirualBox will double and quadruple your windummy applications
> even through its an emulation because Linux scales CPU horsepower
> while windummy OS and apps can't.

I think that it is a little bit silly to do, since most of our stuff
is already Linux compliant. We just need to start running it there.
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