On Sat, 28 Jun 2008 22:02:08 +0100, Homer wrote:

> On Sat, 28 Jun 2008 11:22:11 -0400, Ezekiel wrote:
>> That's the problem with the early computers... there was NO standard.

> That's not a "problem", that's diversity ... you know, as in Capitalism;
> the opposite of Monopoly. Microsoft almost single-handedly destroyed the
> innovation of that diversity, not by creating things with any compelling
> technical merit, but with dirty tricks designed to compel others to deal
> exclusively with Microsoft. What "standards" they did bring to computing
> were abused as a means to maintain that monopoly rather than benefit the
> industry as a whole.

Yea right...

Twenty different computers that couldn't talk to each other or exchange
Sure that makes sense.

Those that were innovating at the time simply started writing for the PC

Are you that stupid?

> The best that can possibly be said about Microsoft's reign of terror, is
> that it motivated the rest of the industry to create /Open Standards/ as
> a means to escape Microsoft's slavery, but the innovation of that Golden
> Age of computing is well and truly dead, thanks to Microsoft. And thanks
> to the disease of Intellectual Monopoly, (which is mainly spearheaded by
> Microsoft), we'll likely never see an age of innovation like that again,
> unless that disease can be eradicated.

Man, you are really a complete idiot.
Take a rest already because your paranoia is making you crazy.

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