A couple of months ago, I noticed that fusesmb was starting at bootup,
mounting a directory called Network in my home folder. I have never used
a shared network, and have no need for such; this is just a single laptop
computer with the only connection being to a wireless hub to Time Warner
Cable Internet service.

~/Network contained other directories, one of which was called MSHOME, and
several subs beneath that. That was before I edited the .smb/fusesmb.cache
and .smb/fusesmb.conf files to be null, but Network is still being mounted
on bootup, though without any subdirectories or files. when I type "mount"
I get the device *fusesmb* mounted on ~/Network.

I usually simply umount the directory ~/Network and kill the process, and all
is well.

However, I'd like to stop fusesmb from starting in the first place (It seems
to be taking up memory and cpu time, and may be responsible for my encrypted
wireless connection not connecting automatically at bootup - it connects
manually). But I don't know where to look. I am using Mint 3.0 (Cassandra)
Kernel 2.6.20, and fluxbox.

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