OK finally I got my AMD K8 box (dual-core 3800+) up and
running. Now it's a liquid-cooled system, and I'd like to
monitor the system voltages besides the heat. With my Athlon
box, I used "xsensors" but now I have to use another tool.
"Gkrellm" which is fine. It gives me the option to monitor
the voltages as well, but for some reasons I can't get it

this is from the man-page:

CPU/Motherboard Sensors - Temperature, Voltages, and Fan RPM

Sensor monitoring on Linux requires that either
lm_sensors modules are installed in your running kernel,
that you run a kernel >= 2.6 with sysfs sensors configured,
or, for i386 architectures, that you have the mbmon daemon
running when gkrellm is started. If the mbmon daemon is
used, it must be started before gkrellm like so:

mbmon -r -P port-number

where the given "port-number" must be configured
to match in the gkrellm Sensors->Options config. Sensor
temperatures can also be read from /proc/acpi/thermal_zone,
/proc/acpi/thermal, /proc/acpi/ibm, the PowerMac Windfarm
/sysfs interface, and PowerMac PMU /sysfs based sensors.

most likely I'm missing something, I've installed mbmon, and at
start-up it tells me:

No Hardware Monitor found!!

Unless mbmon doesn't run on this system either anymore.

Now to the temperature, I read that there are a few spots inside a
AMD CPU where the temperature is read, and I've got two different
values, about 10 degrees Celsius apart, which I hardly believe is
correct... One is 24 the other 13 C.

Dragomir Kollaric
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