On Thu, 17 Apr 2008 01:05:46 +0100, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> ____/ psi4000@sbcglobal.net on Wednesday 16 April 2008 22:56 : \____
>> Jesus, man. What is your problem? You're either insane or simply
>> an idiot. Do you spend every minute of your life posting about Linux?
>> You are obsessed.
>> Get a life. Do something. Go outside. Read a book. Take a shower.
>> Take a walk if your legs have not atrophied. Are you tubefed while you
>> sit at your computer pecking away article after article about Linux?

> I don't know if you are one of the regular Munchkins using a different E-mail
> address and I don't typically respond to personal (and often libellous)
> attacks, but I'll bite.

Of course not....That's because you really have no interest in discussion,
only SPAMMING.....
You don't get paid to discuss, you get paid to SPAM.

What gets me is how ignorant you are to actually admit on digg.com that you
don't have the time to comment about articles.

****, you sure have the time to SPAM 1000's of articles per month to every
corener of the Internet, Roy Schestowitz.......

Fact is you are being paid....

It's obvious.

> I don't have a "problem" as you refer to it. "Insane"? Hardly. "Idiot"? That's
> up for you to judge. I can't be bothered to look up the exact definition and
> roots of the word "idiot".

Look in the mirror.
You can add failure to the list as well.

> I don't "spend every minute of [your] my life posting about Linux." I do many
> other things and I spend over 10 hours a week at the health club. Just because
> I post in a bursty fashion and do so efficiently doesn't mean that it's all I
> ever do. Regarding the "posting about Linux" part, I'm rather indifferent when
> it comes to Linux as in "The Linux Foundation" (the development workshop for
> IBM, H-P, Intel, etc).

Sounds like "The Linux Foundation" is paying you.

> Linux is an almost integral part of the stack which many of us, as engineers or
> mere computer /users/ who wish not to be zombies like ~40% of the Windows
> users out there, use as an enabler, a


Are you Rex Ballard in disguise?

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