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> But note that I would prefer a model for which there is a Linux version,
> because Dell and Ubuntu engineers will have already dealt with any Linux
> hardware issues for that model. So that model (and Dell) is a little
> bit ahead when the model is offered with Linux installed: it is already
> proven to work with Linux.

And you believe that?
You must be an idiot if you do....

Here is a "Linux loaded laptop" from Lenovo, the second largest computer
manufacturer in the world.

As you can see, Lenovo "really checked out this laptop well" making certain
Linux ran flawlessly on it...


"After the initial boot and logon, we were faced with a clean,
well-organized desktop, but one element caught our eye right away¡Xa text
document called ThinkPad Readme.txt. We launched it and found that the
document¡¦s first line was ¡§Limitations, Workarounds and How To¡¦s for
SLED10.¡¨ We did not like the sound of that ¡§limitations¡¨ element. After
all, isn¡¦t Linux supposed to be about overcoming limitations?

The first part of the document covered ¡§features not supported.¡¨ Some of
those features are:

* ThinkVantage Active Protection System.
* ThinkVantage Access Connections for SUSE Linux
* ThinkPad Configuration for SUSE Linux
* ThinkPad Power Manager for SUSE Linux
* Wireless WAN Adapter
* ThinkVantage Button
* (Intel Graphics System) DVI Output

From our point of view, Lenovo was not off to a good start. The company
announced back in August that Linux would be available on some of its
notebook systems by the end of last year. But the launch of the
Linux-powered notebooks didn¡¦t occur until this year; surely that should
have been enough time to get those features working. Nothing upsets
customers more than purchasing an item and then not being able to use all
the features they paid for, so VARs beware. "

Yea, these vendors really check these systems to make certain they work
with Linux...

You're a fool Matt.

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