On 2008-04-13, Fred Williams wrote:
> Hello,
> I will be moving soon to a home with an existing windows intranet. I
> expect little problem with connecting my Ubuntu to their local net, but
> I have to use one of the other computers as a gateway to the internet.
> Is there anything special I have to do to my setup to make that all
> work properly?

If it works as a gateway for Windows, it should also work as a gateway
for Linux.

In general, though, if you can make your network modem or other
network device, to be the gateway instead of a PC, you will be better

I had a Linux server as a gateway, and this meant that if it ever went
down, a big part of the home network would stop working. I did not
like that, as it limited what I could do with the server. I finally
changes my whole network to use my cable modem as a gateway. I lost a
minor amount of flexibility with filtering, but I gained a lot of
reliability due to not depending on a PC for routing.