On Mon, 14 Apr 2008 08:48:55 -0400, DFS wrote:

> Doug Mentohl wrote:
>> On 13 Apr, 21:11, Erik Funkenbusch wrote:
>>> I'm really curious now about how long it will take you to realize
>>> just how stupid you make yourself look by continuing to follow after
>>> me ..

>> On the contrary, it's you who have been stalking me for YEARS, my very
>> first post here on COLA and guess who pops up, the trollMEISTER
>> himself, and already ****ing offensive. You're nuts, I guess you
>> already know that. I see nobody could be bothered their arse answering
>> you over on microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.

> It's you, Mental, that runs around dedicating posts in Funkenbusch's name -
> even after he makes you look like the dumbass you are.

Doug "Mental" Mentohl is a confirmed Internet stalker.


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