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> Huge problems for me involving 0.8 [message #8303] Tue, 25 March 2008 11:49
> bee-carl
> "I have just upgrated from 0.7 to 0.8 on two of my laptops, Compaq Armada
> M700 with an ATI graphics adapter and IBM Thinkpad R50E with an Intel
> graphics adapter, and I have come across the same type of problems. I can
> collect the new packages but when the upgrading has begun, only 7-10
> packages gets upgraded, and then there is a message which tells me that
> those packages already excist and then the upgrading suddenly stops.
> I have been forced to try and do the installing all over again, it has
> worked fine, I can get access to Kde and collect the Danish language
> packages and other packages, but then when I have choosen the Danish
> language in KDE's control center and start the logout process from X, then
> I'm not able to get access to KDE again. KDE Splashy starts running but I'm
> only inside KDE for about 2-3 secunds, hereafter I'm back again at the KDM
> login mannager, and sometimes there are only a lot of white lines on the
> computer screen and then I'm back again at the KDM login mannager. This
> applies to both laptops.
> If I choose IceWm, then I'm able to login, but when I try to logout from
> IceWm, then the computer screen turns all blue or there are a number of
> white stribes on the screen again, hereafter the computer stops working all
> together. This also applies to both laptops. I have been forced to take the
> batteries out of the two laptops to shut the computers down."
> http://forums.frugalware.org/index.p...10114a6260cc0c
> Recap:
> * can't update packages
> * can't login to KDE
> * bluescreens and freezes when logout of IceWM
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