On Sun, 13 Apr 2008 15:04:44 -0700, Philip wrote:

> Kim shows her total ignorance of Linux
> http://www.komando.com/columns/index.aspx?id=4682
> "Now, there is a major sticking point with the Eee. The standard
> operating system is Linux. With Linux, you˘re bound to encounter
> problems with software and gadgets."
> "However, Asus [has supposedly seen the light and] recently began
> offering [the obsolete] Windows XP on the Eee. Go with Windows instead
> of Linux. [You'll help fight malaria and] The operating system will be
> more familiar and you˘ll [not only] avoid compatibility issues [but also
> help increase the spread of win-bots]."

Sounds pretty accurate to me.

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