On Wed, 09 Apr 2008 19:23:02 +0200, Hadron wrote:

> "Ezekiel" writes:
>> http://www.wipo.int/ip-outreach/en/ipday/2008/
>> World Intellectual Property Day
>> April 26, 2008
>> On World Intellectual Property Day this year, WIPO's focus will be on
>> celebrating innovation and promoting respect for intellectual property.
>> Promotional materials on this theme, including an IP Day message from WIPO
>> Director General, Kamil Idris, have been dispatched to IP offices in Member
>> States and to other interested organizations. These are also available here
>> for downloading:

> This is obviously a hoax. Mark "Windbag" Kent assured us that there is
> no such thing as IP.

Yet he uses this "non entity" intellectual property during his day job.
What a phony Mark Kent is.

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