Newbie here, so be gentle....

I'm having problems getting my keyboard and mouse settings saved in KDE
4. The mouse acceleration seems to be stuck at 2.0 which is too fast. I
can change it to 1.0 (no acceleration) and it works, but only for the
session I'm logged in. As soon as I log out it defaults back to 2.0.
I've gone to the session manager and selected save session upon logout
but no matter what, I lose the settings for the mouse. I probably lose
other settings also but don't realize it yet.

On another note, when I upgraded from KDE 3.5 to KDE 4.0 most or all of
the KDE 3.5 related programs ended up in my lost & found folder (on the
menu). I've tried to delete these entries since I no longer use them but
although the menu manager allows me to delete them, as above, as soon as
I log out, and log back in, all those entries reappear. In other words,
it looks like any changes I make to the KDE 4 framework aren't saved
(although new entries are).

Anyone know what could cause this and how to fix it?