On Tue, 01 Apr 2008 20:39:25 +0000, arnold wrote:

>Apr 1, 3:24 PM (ET)
>BOSTON (AP) - The free Linux operating system handles big tasks like
>running supercomputers and ATMs. Now Linux has a chance to finally crack
>Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)'s hold on computing's most visible domain -
>mainstream PCs - because of the rise of innovative, inexpensive machines.
>Of course, prognosticators perennially say Linux is on the verge. It gets
>high marks for security and stability and is widely used behind the
>scenes in corporate servers, making it a natural candidate to steal
>desktop thunder from Microsoft's dominant Windows. And yet Linux PCs
>still represent less than 2 percent of the market.

I see, an April fools joke.

Seriously, didn't I see this last year and the year before and the one
before that? Every year is the big Linux breakout.