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> http://www.din.de/cmd?level=tpl-artikel&cmstextid=75959
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> OOXML voting: issues and results
> The reports currently circulating the Internet regarding voting
> procedures in DIN's Standards Committee on Information Technology and
> Selected IT Applications (NIA) on ISO/IEC DIS 29500 "Office Open XML
> file formats" are false and misleading.
> On 11 March 2008 the NIA working committee responsible for technical
> aspects of ISO/IEC DIS 29500 held a vote to decide whether the "YES with
> comments" vote of September 2007 should be maintained as a "YES" vote or
> changed to a "NO" vote, taking the results of the Ballot Resolution
> Meeting held in February as a basis for their decision. As correctly
> reported by an unofficial source, the result of the March 11 vote was 14
> to 5 in favour of adopting ISO/IEC DIS 29500 as an ISO Standard. Only
> the external experts who make up the responsible working committee voted
> on this matter; DIN as such has no vote on technical content in working
> committees.
> NIA's Steering Committee was NOT called upon to review, and possibly
> override, the working committee's technical decision - it does not have
> the authority to do so. It was, however, involved in a decision as to
> whether or not the voting procedure at ISO correctly adhered to the
> formal criteria. Because the Steering Committee's decision did not
> relate to any technical issues or the content of the standard itself,
> but dealt solely with the formalities of the JTC 1 "fast track"
> procedure, i.e. adherence to procedural rules in the standardization
> process, DIN felt it was necessary to take a position on this matter.
> This is the reason the DIN staff member participated in the voting
> procedure and did not abstain, as is the rule in questions of technical
> content.
> On 27 March 2008 the NIA Steering Committee members who were entitled to
> vote did NOT vote on approval or non-approval of ISO/IEC DIS 29500 as an
> International Standard, but SOLELY on the regularity of the voting
> procedure itself. With a majority of 7 to 6, and 7 abstentions, the
> Steering Committee deemed the procedure as being in conformity with the
> rules, and thus had no reason to override the working committee's "YES"
> vote. Had the majority of the Steering Committee been convinced that the
> procedures for developing and voting on ISO/IEC DIS 29500 were in any
> way irregular, the German vote would have been changed to "ABSTAIN".
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