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> Microsoft gaffe results in 10,923 downloads of Ubuntu GNU Linux
> Fri, 06/22/2007 - 19:19 - einfeldt
> This is a funny story. Microsoft has a feature on its
> website that allows third parties to distribute software. It's kind of
> complicated how it works, but basically there is a system of links that
> allow people use the Microsoft website as a marketplace for their
> software. Well, it turns out that a bunch of GNU Linux vendors have done
> just that. And you know, the Microsoft website is a pretty busy place. It
> seems that 10,923 people managed to download Ubuntu GNU Linux through the
> Microsoft before a Microsoft manager got wind of it and put the kaibosh on
> it. In the meantime, to ad insult to injury, the story made the front page
> of one of the most widely read tech magazines, Slashdot, as well as a
> widely-read legal tech magazine, called Groklaw, with the result that the
> images of the Ubuntu offering are now preserved for posterity on
> independent websites, such as here and here.
> The problem actually is deeper than a momentary accidental post of just
> one
> GNU Linux download site. There are 22 references to Linux on the Microsoft
> Windows market place as of the time of this writing, although that
> certainly will change soon. Also, this act of distributing 10,923 versions
> of GNU Linux is yet another brick in the claim of some people in the GNU
> Linux community that Microsoft is "distributing" GNU Linux, and therefore
> cannot use its patents against the GNU Linux community under the software
> license that governs GNU Linux, called the GNU General Public License.
> Microsoft is facing problems with having agreed to distribute SuSE GNU
> Linux via coupons issued by the maker of SuSE, called Novell, according to
> the lawyer who wrote the GPL, Eben Moglin. (The Slashdot coverage of the
> coupon story is here.

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