Trying to get a network printer to work I have been adjusting settings
for saned.

I have altered the various saned.conf, services.conf and inetd.conf
files as per the MAN pages and the various web pages (They all seem
identical) but if I do a port scan the saned port 6566 does not show.

Strangely if I issue the saned -d6 (Debug) command I get the output as
shown below;

geoff@challenger:~$ saned -d6
[saned] main: starting debug mode (level 6)
[saned] main: trying to get port for service `sane-port' (getaddrinfo)
[saned] main: [0] socket () using IPv6
[saned] main: [0] setsockopt ()
[saned] main: [0] bind () to port 6566
[saned] main: [0] listen ()
[saned] main: [1] socket () using IPv4
[saned] main: [1] setsockopt ()
[saned] main: [1] bind () to port 6566
[saned] main: [1] bind failed: Address already in use
[saned] main: waiting for control connection

If I then do a port scan it is followed immediately by the following output;

[saned] saned (AF-indep+IPv6) from sane-backends 1.0.18-cvs ready
[saned] check_host: detected an IPv4-mapped address
[saned] check_host: access by remote host: ::ffff:
[saned] check_host: remote host is IN_LOOPBACK: access granted
[saned] init: access granted
[saned] init: bad status=22 or procnum=-1080513340
[saned] quit: exiting

I can do the same but with a remote scan connection instead of a port
scan and get the same result.

Any ideas as to why saned is not working correctly?

Geoff Lane