DFS wrote:

>Christopher Hunter wrote:
>>Not quite. "Microsoft Basic" for the Altair was actually a copy of
>>a final year computer science project written by a guy called Chris
>>Turnbull - Gates bootlegged it (Turnbull was giving copies to his
>>friends) and put an MS badge on it...
>>The rest is unfortunate history!

>It's too bad Gates doesn't pay attention to little turds like you.
>It would be very amusing to see you charged with libel and your
>meager wages garnished to satisfy the terms of a settlement.
>Here's the actual history of MS Basic for the Altair:

I have an original version of the Microsoft Encyclopedia published by
Microsoft Press, and it funny how it differs from the later version of
the book.

Since the Dartmouth boys developed BASIC and placed it in the public
domain anything else is nothing more than a suped-up COPY.

Plagiarism is still the sincerest form of flattery and most plagiarist
know better than to attack other plagiarist. The Lotus debacle in the
courts 20 years ago proved the foolhardiness of that.


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